Jet Setting Couple of Weeks!

The last time I posted a blog was a month ago. I was in the process of sorting through my make-up kit to take abroad with me for my cousins wedding. A LOT has happened since then! I haven't only been to Florida once, but twice in the past 3 weeks. I have now become a bit of a natural when it comes to packing make-up to take over seas. I simply separate my liquids and glosses from my powders and solids, putting the liquids in my hold luggage and my powders etc into my hand luggage (that way they don't crack or break because I am responsible for them).

Going through the security section of the airport with my hand luggage in tow, containing my make-up, was very daunting the first time. I was on edge the entire time in case it turned out that I wasn't allowed to take any make-up etc through as hand luggage, meaning I would have to leave it all behind. The main bulk of my kit was in that suitcase so it was very important that I got it right! Thank god it was all fine! I was relieved to know I had got it right and could relax the rest of the trip.

The first week, as you know, was for the wedding. It was an amazing week filled with family and lots of new friends. I also had the honour of doing the bride's hair and make-up for the special day. She looked simply stunning. Helle, my cousins new wife, wanted her hair and make-up to reflect what Ben likes most about her. Her hair was to go up, because he likes it off her face and her make-up had to be natural and pretty, not over the top. She took his breath away. I spent a lovely morning with Helle, before the wedding, getting her ready and then arrived at the venue, after I'd gotten dressed myself, to do the final touches. It was an amazing day and an honour to see two people so in love.

I arrived home from the family trip on the Sunday, only to receive a message from my cousin a few days later asking if it was possible that I'd be able to go back out the following weekend, as Helle had a photo shoot for an amazing company out there and they were in need of a make-up artist! How could I turn that down? What an amazing opportunity! After checking my diary, I could see that I had a few trials booked in that week for upcoming weddings so needed to speak to those clients first. I was amazed at how gracious they all were about moving their trial dates to a different day, which enabled me to go. They all basically told me to go for it and not to worry.

The photo shoot was for a company called Bragi ( They are an electronics company, based in Munich, who have invented the worlds first wireless smart in-ear headphones. These headphones, called 'The Dash', can be used in any conditions whilst running, cycling etc and even swimming. The shoot was designed to showcase Helle using them, as she does, throughout her usual training routine and daily life.

Helle is not only my new cousin in-law, but a professional triathlete ( She is a 2012 olympian and the most dedicated and driven woman I have ever met. She really is inspiring. I spent the week living with her and my cousin in their home, so got to see first hand just how much effort and commitment she gives to her training.

As well as working for a great company and working with an amazing athlete, the trifecta was complete in the form of Jesper Gronnemark, the photographer for the shoot ( Jesper's credentials alone are amazing with photographing many athletes and also working for Red Bull, among the list, but his photographs speak for themselves. It was also an honour to see his images pre postproduction and to get to watch him at work during some of the postproduction too. If I'm honest, he didn't really have a choice as to whether I watched him during the postproduction, I would just pull up a chair and make myself at home...!

We spent the week shooting in some amazing places in and around Clermont, Florida. There were a few sunset shoots and a sunrise shoot thrown in too, where we all got bitten to death by mosquitoes and encountered the 96% humidity of a Florida morning. My hair wasn't a fan of that... I even joked to Jesper that he should've taken a picture of me every 10 minutes to see the progress of how much my hair grew over the space of an hour. It was funny!

Over all it was a fantastic week, spent with fantastic, inspiring people. It's all thanks to my lovely cousin, Ben, who organised it all and made sure I had everything I needed. It's great to have family and friends who support you and encourage you to fulfil your dreams. He's one of the many who will recommend me to anyone he can and shout my name out loud and proud. Thank you all for an incredible week, lets hope we have a chance to do it again! #DreamTeam

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