Packing my make-up kit to take abroad..

So in a matter of days I will be jetting off to Florida with my family. My cousin Ben Powell is marrying the lovely Helle Frederiksen next week and she has kindly asked me if I would do her make-up and hair for the very special day. I am very excited! It's a huge honour.

I have been slowly packing my case over the last few weeks and deciding what to take with me (referring to my endless lists that I've made since the trip was planned), when all of a sudden I had a panic about how I'm going to pack my professional make-up kit!?!? If any of you have ever seen it, you will know that it is rather hefty and heavy, to say the least! I didn't want to take up all of my baggage allowance with my make-up, as I had planned on taking some clothes with me!

I've come to the decision that I am going to pack as much of my kit into my hand luggage suitcase as possible. I am going to use that case as my 'kit bag' on the wedding day anyway, as it's easy to wheel about, so it made sense to pack it ready to go before I left. I also don't want my make-up pallettes etc to break if they are thrown about in the hold so will take better care of it myself. After a lot of Googling on what I can and can't take in my hand luggage, my mum came across an article by a make-up artist called Ren Ren who goes through this situation all the time and she narrowed it down to the following:

Items you CAN pack in your hand luggage without putting them in a clear bag to be checked:

Some of these surprised me, as I'm guessing they will you too...

- Lipstick

- Lip pencils

- Solid creams: like eyeshadow bases, concealers, cream foundation (that aren't too runny)

- Tweezers

- Mini scissors (with blades under 3 inches long)

- Eyelash curler

- Makeup wipes

- Powder products: like bronzers, finishing powders etc.

- Brushes

Items you CAN'T pack in your hand luggage without putting them in a clear bag to be checked:

- Mascara

- Lipgloss

- Gel liners

- Liquids: like foundation, primer, moisturiser, eye cream, lash glue, makeup setting spray

- Lip moisturisers that aren't in a solid state: like Carmex. Chapstick's and solid balms are fine

I found the above lists very helpful and am open to any advice from anyone else that has been in the same situation before! Please share your experiences.

In the mean time I am going to get myself sorted and finish packing the rest of my kit. I will be away from my laptop Friday 26th February until Sunday 6th March, so if I take a while to reply to any messages or enquiries please don't be offended, I will reply as soon as I can.

I'll keep you posted with the amazing wedding, can't wait!!

Jess x