In The News Again!

I've always liked the South Wales Evening post and now I know why! I had a lovely message from Ruth yesterday morning, who was the lady that did the last article on me, asking if she could write a piece about the silicone mould I did for my friend's leg. Obviously I said yes, it's an honour to be asked... especially twice! Ruth did a brilliant write up about it and it had a great response so i'm very pleased. I've also found out today that it's going to be published in tomorrow's post (the actual newspaper) again, so I've given my dad a heads up to save his pennies for the morning, lol! After my dad buying 4 copies last time, my boyfriend also contacted the Evening Post themselves and had the actual print sent over to him which he printed and framed for my mum...! Good job he's away with work this time otherwise there'll be no space left on thier walls haha! It was such a lovely gesture though, as they are a massive support to me, and is something to be cherished. So everyone keep a look out for tomorrow's post.....!

I also had a phone call from a lady who's a journalist with the welsh news in Cardiff. She said a magazine company had contacted her, after seeing the evening post yesterday, and wanted to do a piece about myself and my friend. The only problem was that my friend wished to remain anonymous, so the piece in the magazine wouldn't work and we've had to decline the offer. How amazing would that have been though!? It's just nice to be asked! Everyone's support is really appreciated and I just love what I do so am glad to be able to share a little bit of it with as many people as possible. Thank you!

Jess x