Halloween 2015 - A Learning Curve

Well what a day I had yesterday! It was non stop from the moment I woke up, until the last person left last night. It started off at Helyn's wedding at the Oxwich Bay Hotel in the Gower. She was so calm and relaxed that it was a pleasure to do her make-up. I then had to rush back to prepare for an afternoon and evening of Halloween bookings. It all went really smoothly and I seemed to be running very early at one point because everyone arrived slightly earlier than their allocated time slots which was perfect! The day just seemed to fly by! My mum came over for 'a couple of hours' whilst I was working and ended up staying until the end. It was lovely having her around to chat to everyone and make them feel welcome whilst I got on with the job at hand. Also thank you to Mammy Lorey for making Halloween cupcakes. They went down a treat with everyone and I think they kept me going too!

Even though yesterday went so well, this Halloween and also the build up to it has been a massive learning curve for me! I have learnt that I am too kind and trusting with people sometimes and don't always get the same respect back. A lot of people around me have been telling me this for a while, but I've carried on using my heart instead of my head. I have come to realise that I need to put my business head on and not let my kind nature affect it. I've been let down and taken advantage of a bit too much this last week, when it comes to work, so from now on things are going to change. Halloween is my busiest time of year and I had to turn down at least 30 people who wanted to book yesterday, so I can't afford to have people messing me about. I will be introducing a 'Pay Deposit' button to my website, which will be non refudable if you cancel. This just means that if you want to have your make-up done you need to be 100% sure. If not there is a queue of people behind you that are and it's not fair on them or me.

Here are a few pictures from the day... There were lots of zombies, a couple of glam-zombie faces and also a Beetlejuice thrown in...

Jess x