I'm In The Evening Post!!!

If any of you have picked up a copy of today's Evening Post then hopefully you've noticed that there is an article about my work inside...! I was so excited this morning - I had a text off my dad pretty early saying that he'd just stopped at a shop on his was to work and bought 4 copies... So I quickly got out of bed, put my coat on over my pyjamas (I didn't want to waste time getting dressed, lol) and walked to the shop around the corner to get one. I am extremely pleased with the write up inside about me. The lovely Ruth from the Evening Post who i spoke to did a great job! I'm really humbled that she took time out to speak to me and was interested enough in my work to get in contact.

If you haven't read it yet, here's a few pictures of the article inside. Hopefully you can make it out...

Jess x