Today's Been "Harry Potty"...

Do you remember the exciting news I didn't want to jinx in my last post...? Well this morning I had a call from a lovely lady who works for the South Wales Evening Post. She sent me a message last Friday afternoon asking if she could do a piece on me and my make-ups... As you can guess I didn't even hesitate to answer that question... Umm YES!! I sent her a few of my SFX pictures and did a Q&A with her this morning. She said that the article might be spread into 2 different pieces; one as more of a gallery of photos and the other containing the Q&A and more photos! So if i've ever done your make, keep an eye out for the post as you may be in it! I'm really honored that she even wanted to do a piece about my work, so very excited to see what she has to say!

The rest of my day has been filled with a couple of make-ups, including the lovely Louise (my boyfriends cousin) who is off to an awards evening at the Brangwyn Hall tonight and also the two handsome devils below who had their school Halloween disco today... They've been planning their Halloween costumes for months and have said all along that they wanted me to do their faces! It turned out that their costumes were decided at last minute last night and I had to quickly go to their school to do the make-up for them because I only had a certain amount of time before my next booking. It turned out fine though in the end and I even managed to catch the last half of the school disco, where they were having an amazing time munching on sweets and being chased by girls... Literally!

As for tomorrow, I am officially off to Bristol for the photoshoot, so am looking forward to that! It was up in the air whether the model would be well enough to do it, or if I would end up doing the make-up on myself and be forced into posing for the camera... Lets just say I am super glad that she is feeling better! I'll leave the posing to the professionals!

Jess x