Terrifying & Amazing

October 20, 2015

Terrifying & Amazing... That's definitely what this week has been...


I had a lovely message this afternoon from an amazing photographer, who's from Oxford, about doing a 'gory', 'against the norm' style shoot before Halloween. Jess from 'Flashbulb Photography & Film' sent him 'The FACE' video that we did together, as he once taught her. Luckily the only day we could both do within the next 2 weeks happened to be the same one, so it's all arranged for Friday! I can't wait! We are meeting halfway in Bristol, with a model who's kindly volunteerd to be our 'subject'... She may regret it once she knows what we've got planned! Lots of blood, guts (literally) and surprisingly porridge...! It'll all make sense once the professional pictures are through! 


I came across this quote earlier and feel that it's quite relevant at the moment as it reminded me of something...



...Last summer (July 2014) I ended up seeing a psychic at a party I was at. I'm not a sceptic when it comes to things like that, I actually really enjoy them, so thought I'd give it a go but made sure I didn't give anything away! At this point in my life things weren't the best. If I'm honest I felt a bit lost! I felt as if my life had no particular meaning and that there was no specific direction in which I was going. I was just coasting. I knew what I wanted to be doing (I had all the experience and qualifications for it), but had never had the confidence in myself, or the 'know how' to do it. I'd always compare my life to everyone else's and always felt like a let down to my family. After the reading I thought the things she had told me were amazing. She was spot on with things to do with my 'past' and also about my 'present', but when it came to my 'future' I didn't really have much faith in it because I thought the things she had said were a little far fetched. She had basically told me that after Christmas (2014) I would take time to concentrate on myself and that during my late twenties I would focus on 'building a business'. Looking back at it now just amazes me because I guess that's exactly what I am doing. I have met certain people in the past year that have made it all a reality for me and I will forever be grateful! Personally I thought i'd just fallen into it, but maybe it's been the correct path for me all along...?


There's also been something in the process since the end of last week which I'm really excited about! Hopefully it will all get sorted tomorrow, but I don't want to say too much at the moment incase I jinx it and nothing ends up happening! Once it all goes ahead it will probably be all over Facebook anyway, so I will be able to blog about it then! Eeekk exciting....


I'll keep you posted,


Jess x



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