I work with many wonderful photographers throughout the industry and can create whatever look you desire. I provide make-up looks for different types of photography, ranging from commercial & editorial images to more extravagant avant-garde looks. There is no limit to the type of look that can be achieved, whether it's a natural, pretty or glamorous look you want - or if you want to go down the horror, gore and SFX route. Just contact me and we can discuss these options.


I have worked on numerous film locations throughout Wales and England, providing varied makeup looks for each one. I have provided makeup for a number of genres, from dramatic short films & Bollywood movies, to intense thrillers and horror shorts.

Below: Renero Films "Board 2 Death",

shot on location in Port Talbot.


I work with well known brands and companies to create looks for their advertisement of different products. I have travelled over Wales & even to America to help companies create their desired look for their brand of clothing, products, accessories, sports wear etc. These advertisements may consist of different media coverage, from online advertisement campaigns to photo-shoots and filming their own television adverts.

Below: Photo-shoot with professional Olympic athlete Helle Frederiksen, for Bragi. Shot on location in Clermont, Florida.

Photography by Jesper Gronnemark. 

Charity WORK

I provide makeup for charities which enables them to create online advertising, photo shoots and TV advertisements to help with their campaigns.

I have worked with Cancer Research UK on numerous occasions to provide makeup for their Race for Life 2018 clothing range and also to promote their new range of products to help those going though cancer treatment.