April 8, 2016

“What is the difference between airbrush make-up and conventional make-up?”


This is a question I get asked all of the time. How do you choose the best type of base for you and what are the differences between the two? It is important to choose the correct one for you. Everyone is different and make-up can be a very personal thing; so it’s important that when having your make-up done for your occasion, wedding etc. you choose a make-up style and make-up artist that resembles you and what you are used to. You want to still look like yourself, just a polished version… ;)



Conventional Make-Up


This is just the professional name for your regular, everyday make-up. This make-up comes in a few different forms. From liquids and creams to pressed powders etc. The liquids and creams can be applied in a few different ways. For most people it can be applied using your fingertips, but for the professionals and for others it is applied using brushes and sponges. The make-up can be painted onto the s...

October 19, 2015

Another Monday, so another start to the week... Where has this year gone? Each month has got better and better for me, so November and December better not disappoint! 2015 has been a good one so far.


I have spent this morning editing my website a little and making it a bit more informative for everyone who views it. If you feel it's missing something or have any advice for me then i'd be happy for you to leave a comment below! I am also in the process of adding my price list to it as, after the images, it's the main thing everyone wants to know....! 

Over the weekend I am very pleased to have taken Halloween bookings that AREN'T on Halloween! I have been fully booked on the 31st for over a month now and absolutely hate turning people away. Sometimes I wish I could duplicate myself for that day to be able to fit everyone in. I also want to say thank you to everyone for agreeing to come to me this year! I am a mobile make-up artisit so go wherever I am needed to, but because Hal...

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