Make-Up Artist

Jess is a professional Make-Up Artist based in Swansea, South Wales. She trained with some of the best in the industry at Delamar Academy in Ealing Studios, London and graduated in 2008 gaining a HE in 'Professional Make-Up Design', so has many years experience. Her work consists of all types of Make-Up, from Bridal, Occasion & Fashion Make-Up to Special FX, Halloween Make-Up & Face Painting. As well as being a professionally trained artist, Jess has recently turned her hand to more permanent styles of make-up, gaining qualifications in Microblading in 2019 and AirbrushFX Brows in 2020.

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MEET YOUR Make-Up Artist

From a young age Jess was always very artistic. From drawing little doodles on the un-carpeted wooden floors of her parents house, when she was a toddler, to growing up and painting cavases and pictures which now have pride of place on their walls, instead of just the floor.

Art was her favourite subject in school which she continued to do right through until college. One day, when her father noticed an advert in a newspaper advertising make-up design in a prestigious academy in London, she knew instantly that it was something she wanted to do. She lived and worked in London for the duration of the course and put all of her time and effort into gaining her qualification. During her spare time outside of the academy she also gained a lot of work experience in her field. She worked on many film and television sets and also fashion shows and theatre productions. She loves every type of make-up there is, so was able to help out in all areas confidently. Since then, Jess has gained more qualifications and turned her hand to more permanent styles of make-up by training within the semi-permanent make-up industry. She has gained qualifications in Microblading and AirbrushFX eyebrow enhancements. Who knows what else the future holds. Jess currently works for herself from her studio in Morriston, Swansea and is available for all of your make-up needs - permanent or otherwise.


"I absolutely love my job as a make-up artist and look forward to creating different looks for each and every one of my clients. Everyone is different and no face is the same. I look forward to meeting (and working on) all of your lovely faces in the near future. Please send me a little message or visit my Facebook page if you need anything. Thanks, Jess x "


"The majority of my day to day job is 'glamming' up all my lovely ladies and future brides. It's a very happy and exciting time being a part of someones wedding day and I am always honoured that I get to spend the morning with them." - Jess


The wedding make-up process starts at the trial stage. Jess will take her time to ensure that her future brides are thoroughly happy with their make-up on their trial day and all relevant arrangements for the wedding day have been discussed.



As well as beauty and bridal

make-up, Jess specialises in SFX make-up and face painting. She can create any look or charachter, that you choose, by using her artistic skills and relevant tools.

Halloween make-up has always been something that Jess has been passionate about and she always likes to try out new ideas or characters on herself first to ensure that they are perfect for her clients.


"I love getting to know my clients and being able to help them create whatever look they want." - Jess



Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that gives definition and structure to the brow area using hairlike strokes. This hair stroke technique implants pigment into the skin using a handheld tool called a microblade.

Microblading is more suited to healthy, normal to mildy oily skin types and can last anywhere between 1-2+ years depending on skin type, correct aftercare and lifestyle.



Powder-Ombre eyebrows are a cosmetic procedure that gives definition and structure to the brow area using a machine, similar to a tattoo device. Pigment is implanted into the skin by creating lots of tiny dots in the desired area and creates a more softly shaded result.

Powder-Ombre eyebrows are suited to all skin types and can be built up to any given result, depending on personal preference. They can last for 2+ years depending on skin type, correct aftercare and lifestyle.